Busy Year

Its been a busy year for me. As you can see I have been ‘away’ from this Blog since December 2010. Since then I had my first child – Gabriel Marcello, and I open his very own Blog here in WordPress . He is the joy of my life. I am still telling myself “I just had a child; I am a father!” He is 3 months now.

I have also decided to continue my classes towards a Computer Science degree. I will try to catalog my class experience during my journey in this Blog –> Computer Science diaries. My goal is to one day be able to invent something that would help make the planet a better place to live. Cliche? yes, but true. I don’t want to get rich, but if I happen to get money for my invention, then I will do the same thing Bill Gates and others like him are doing – give out to the world to help others. I admire that and therefore I am making it my mission too.