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The Perfect Job

Today I receive some disconcerting news. My boss has been laid off. With a crunch in my stomach I sat and listen as he gave me the news. I just sat there trying to digest what was happening. This was expected, but unexpected. In our site, tech support is only him and I. Times being, one person was to remain, and most likely the lower paid employee. It once again dawned on me that it was about money. That it has always been. I wondered how long things will remain like this. Must we endure worst economic times in this country before things get better? ..Probably.

Even though I have confidence that he will bounce back on his feet, it still hurts to lose him as a co-worker. Since the very beginning of my time at PB, he showed not only to be a great boss, but also a great colleague and an even better friend.  I will miss the days in the office when we would make jokes and talk tech. But times change and we must move on.

This short video was sent by him not too long ago. It is very funny to me and it shows his humorous attitude in life. I admire that.

I am sure he will find his Dream Job.