Blog Update 2022

Blog updates and a brief summary of the last 7 years.

Hello. It’s been a while. I admit I have abandoned this blog since 2016. But in the last few months I have made it my mission to update the site and start blogging once again about the random things in life.

So, I created a custom child theme based on the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, which I really like. This update took several weekends to do but I finally got it done and I am happy with the end result.

The last blog update I wrote was in 2015. My son Gabriel was 4 years old then. Its been 7 years! and of course a lot has happened since 2015. So I will highlight the main events that have had an impact on my life. I will start by mentioning one very important one, which is the birth of my second child Alan in 2017. Gabriel was 6 when Alan was born. He was very excited to get a little brother. To see both Alan and Gabriel grow, from Kindergarten to 6 grade! and all the adventures in between, have been a blast.

Here is a quick recap of the times since 2015.


Started working at Galaxy Marketing

A small marketing agency in Clearwater FL. This was my first Web Developer role.

They allowed you to bring pets to the office and this little guy made my desk his napping spot 🐶


Gabriel turns 5!

He celebrated with his Pre-k pals. The perfect Mario and Luigi pair if you ask me.

Gabriel starts Kindergarten

He was very happy on his first day sporting his Mario backpack.

Started working at Apollidon

My second Web Developer role and first time working for a company with an open floor plan. I got to attend my first WordCamp during my time here.

Gabriel takes Karate! 🥋

The Karate school was on our route and he really enjoyed the few months he spent there.

Gabriel’s first trip to NYC! 🗽

First time he felt real cold winter weather, and first time he rode a subway train. Also, he wondered how a place could have so many tall buildings?!


Started working at HealtheSystems

My third and current Web Developer role. This used to be the lobby back in the days we actually went to an office. After 2020 we all officially went remote.

Alan is born!

My second child. A beautiful boy came into the world this day and he has brought me joy ever since.

Alan’s first Christmas

and the first time he met Grandma.


Alan’s first Halloween

He was our little chef.

Alan turns 1!

Time goes by fast when you are having fun.


First time at a real barbershop

And the first time he got a short haircut. No one could recognized him afterwards.

Gabriel builds his first website

Using the basics (html, css) he created his first site and hosted it on Neocities.

First bicycle accident

This was a serious crash with a parked car (yes, a parked car). It could’ve turned out a lot worse had he not been wearing his helmet.


Our first pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic was a first for all of us. Luckily we made it through, but unfortunately many people did not.

We got chickens! 🐓

We got 3 hens (Henna, Gina, and Gabriella). As it turned out, the little Rhode Island Red chick was actually a Roo. We changed his name to Gabi the Rooster.


Gabriel turns 10!

He spent the day having fun with his pals.

Alan turns 4!

He had a get-together with his 2 amigos. All together they become the ¡Three Amigos!

First trip on the Amtrak

Our first time taking the Amtrak from Tampa to NYC. The trip to NY was a good experience. But returning was a nightmare. Our train got stuck for hours due to a snow storm.

We ended up having to take a flight back to FL.

Alan first time in NYC!

Even though all our events got cancelled, he had a blast! and was the only one not to get Covid-19 while there.


Putin invades Ukraine on my B-Day

Having dinner with the family on my birthday, thinking how Russia had just invaded Ukraine. I did not want to believe this was actually happening in this day and age.

Image of Henry and Isabel
Image of two rabbits

We got rabbits 🥕

We adopted 2 little rabbits and named them Snowball and Rocky.

Image of Alan feeding Rabbits

The kids got baptized ⛪️

image of gabriel getting baptized
Image of Alan getting baptized
Image of Disney World with family

Alan and Grandma’s first visit to Disney World

First time to Disney World for both Alan and Grandma. A fun filled day, and of course we got caught in the Disney exit madness.

We went to Orlando trying to escape Hurricane Ian

We spent most of the week watching Jim Cantore battle the winds on the Weather Channel.

Image of Weatherman on TV

Alan is 4 years old now, the same age Gabriel was when I wrote my last update post. I hope not to wait another 7 years to give another update.

My two boys are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me and if all I ever do in life is be a good father to these two boys and occasionally write in this little blog about our life and all the random things in it, I will be a happy camper.

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