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Sacha Baron Cohen – One of those rare actors – [Respek]

SBCohenSacha Baron Cohen’s  [Booyakasha] style is what sets him apart in todays saturated media ..everyone is trying to be different. This guys daring style is what makes him different and unique. I often wonder how much of his character is part of his actual persona. I like to think his characters are all him, very close to how he is in real like. His recent Letterman interview gave me some indication of this. He is an original and an incredibily daring guy. His work is genius and I am glad I found his show when it was still on HBO (thanks to my Brother). It has given me good insight into the psychology of human behavior.

I hope he stays a success [Realness] and after Bruno, comes back with material just as controversial. There are many things in the world yet to be exposed and I am sure this guy is already brain storming on a way to bring it out in a smart and creative way. [Rekognize]


Sacha Baron Cohen; someone I will definitely follow for the years to come.