An American Wins the New York City Marathon!

Yes!, since I been in the US, it is the first time I hear that an American won the NYC Marathon. Last time an American won was back in 1982. It was great to hear that someone other than an African won this event.  This guy averaged 4.96 Minutes per Mile.. wow!. Congratulations to Meb Keflezighi.

You can read more about it by clicking on picture.

New York City Marathon


An amputee goes for Boston Marathon record! Click Here. I have great admiration for people with this determination. I am hoping to do a marathon one day. Right now I am barely up to 4 miles (at 34mins)..only 22 miles left for the NYC marathon!


Lets see.. I am doing an average of 8.5M/m. I will shoot for a pace of 8.3 M/m so I can maybe finish the 26 mile marathon in a little under 4 hrs if I find the energy to dash at the last minute hehe.  Trying to accomplish this before I turn 36.

Boston Marathon Info