The excuse for my C average in Calculus, which then turned into a W

Never skip a semester on math. I learn this the hard way. I was playing ‘catch up’ on my first Calculus class this Fall 2010 semester. I had taken Pre-Cal the Fall of 2009 and decided to take a break from math after that mind trip. Didn’t realized Calculus was an even bigger journey. Please dont try this stunt and continue your math series if you are planning on doing anything serious with Engineering. Another tip: learn your TI-89 very well. If your instructor lets you use it, it can be an advantage. I realized that if I knew some of the functions I know now, I could have done much better on my first two tests. Another thing I found out a little too late was the existence of Wolframalpha, man is this site powerfull. So take note, this might help you survive first year Calculus.

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